Sound Design

I'm looking for opportunities as a sound designer for games, game jams, or linear media
A compilation of sound redesigns that I have done over the last year.

I’m a junior sound designer

I’ve been working with audio for most of my life — from working in radio to making my own songs and ambient compositions. I have a background in front-end web development, but since the summer of 2021 I’ve been working hard to improve my sound design skills. Besides practicing with redesigns, doing a course, and exploring synthesis and recording, I’ve also been exploring the implementation side of things using Wwise.

I have been working with Ableton Live for many years, but my main tool nowadays is Reaper. I also have some basic Pro Tools skills.

With a background as a web developer, I have about 15 years of experience working as a part of creative and multi-disciplinary teams. I have coded with multiple programming languages and can understand C# and similar languages.


Connect with me

I would love to connect with other sound design people, so

feel free to send me an email or
hit me up on social networks. I’m @marcohamersma on Mastodon, Twitter, and a bunch of other places.

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