Hi! I'm Marco Hamersma


Web & programming work

I currently work for Boords (an online storyboarding tool) as a web developer. Web-wise I have a lot of experience doing Javascript-heavy front-end stuff, but I'm a bit of a generalist, so I have the occasional side project as well.

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Sound Design

I'm an aspiring sound designer. Since the summer of 2021 I've been actively studying and practising the art and related subjects with the hope of making it a career (or at least a side job).

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About me

I like music, sound design, coffee, and making useful stuff. I’m a happy generalist, but my main discipline is web development, something that I have been doing for myself and clients for 13+ years.

When I’m not working, I like walks, looking at seagulls, playing games, playing guitar, making music/sounds, travelling, and hanging out with my wife.

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