What I was up to

An overview of stuff I was working on or other stuff that kept me occupied in June 2022. Inspired by the movement of /now pages.

I’ve been busy with life these last few months. As I mentioned last time we’ve been moving away from the UK.

At the start of the moving process we split our time between work and packing, and that lead to a weirdly creatively productive time in which I suddenly managed to do a lot of things I wanted to do for a long time. As a result, I finally managed to get ideas for a new home page out in the world, and I finished the sound redesign compilation that had been sitting unfinished on my computer for weeks, among other things.

That streak of productivity was distracting, and together with the fact that some other things in the moving process just took longer than anticipated made us have a rough time getting everything arranged in time.

That said, I can now thankfully say that it’s all behind us, and now there is once again time to look towards the future.


Last month also saw the cumulation of about a year’s worth of work across the Boords team with a rebrand. On the front-end side of things, we took the opportunity to replace or modernize a lot of the core UI components with nicer looking, better performing and more accessible variants.

It’s been a long road, but I’m happy with the result.

Sound Design

I mostly had to prioritize other things instead of working on my sound design skills while packing and moving, but I’m slowly getting into it again.

That said, I did find some time at the end of last month to officially absorb my previous “secret” sound design page into my website under a proper Sound Design page. I also spent some time coding a custom Youtube Playlist player for that page, so it’s easy to get an overview of redesigns I’ve made. I’m especially happy that it automatically pulls in the video’s descriptions. In the future, there will probably be project-specific pages, but for now this covers my needs.

Stuff I enjoyed recently

We watched a few episodes of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, which made me giddy with excitement. I’m very happy that it exists 🖖. Star Trek Discovery also stepped up its game massively in Season 4, and we’ve been enjoying that as well.

We’ve also been watching some Sailor Moon and rewatching the last season of Futurama for some easy entertainment.


My wife and I have been jumping between the audiobooks of Bill Bryson’s A Short History Of Nearly Everything, The 99% Invisible City, and Terry Pratchett’s Witches Abroad.