Hi, I’m Marco.

I’m a Sound Designer and Web developer originally from the Netherlands. I currently work remotely for Boords as a web developer, but I am working hard towards reaching a position as a sound designer for games. I’m currently traveling through Europe looking for a new place to settle.

What I do

I’m a happy generalist, but my main discipline is front-end web development, something that I have been doing for myself and clients for 13+ years.

Even though I’m mostly working as a developer, my history and familiarity with User Experience Design helps me a lot. I mostly work on javascript-heavy front-end projects nowadays.
That said, since the summer of 2021, I’ve been actively studying and practicing the art of Sound Design with the hope of making it a career.

When I was a lot younger, I was really into radio (not anymore, nowadays). That’s where my adventures in audio started. Besides hosting a few shows on both online and FM radio stations, I was regularly producing content like sweepers, promos, and similar things for myself and colleagues. That was the start of a lot of my experimentation with sound editing, often using SFX libraries and manipulating them to make exciting material). For a few years, I was the sole audio branding person on the team of a major online radio station.

Since then I have dabbled in creating music (also generative music), but now I’m focusing my energy on sound design. My DAW of choice nowadays is Reaper, but before that I was mostly running Ableton Live.

With my background as a web developer, I have 15+ years of experience working in creative multi-disciplinary teams, and I am also a strong technical thinker. I like to think in systems, which is helpful during implementation or when designing the sound-related systems that a game might require.

Outside of work

When I’m not working, I like taking walks, looking at seagulls, gaming, playing guitar, making music/sounds, traveling, and hanging out with my wife.

After leaving the UK in 2022, I am currently traveling around and open to job opportunities. I very much appreciate remote work, but am willing to relocate for the right opportunity

Me in other places

I can be found in many places on the internet under the username marcohamersma. I don't post as often as I used to, but here's a list of places you can find me:

Have a nice day!