A new page: Pinboard

For years, I’ve had a Pinboard account as a way of saving links that I encountered on the web, but as a way of making my website more of a personal-feeling homepage, I decided to put some of the content on my website as well.

So I’ve created a new page, for now it’s called Pinboard. It’s kind of inspired by Laura Kalbag, who calls it a Lens. That might be a better name.

Of course it doesn’t span the entire spectrum of things that I find interesting on the internet. I might at some point find a way of expanding this list to contain other stuff like videos I find interesting1. as a start, this is pretty neat.

A lot of the items in the Pinboard started out as “private” pins on the service; descriptionless, raw links. The bulk of them are at some point automatically posted by Instapaper when I like an article. Occasionally I clean up the list, add descriptions, citations, and commentary when necessary, and make the links private. At that point they’ll show up here.

In the end, some of these are just useful tools, others are articles that inform how I look at the world and myself. Some of it is about stuff that’s on my mind now, some of it I’ve had saved ages ago, but only recently read. That’s how it goes, I guess.

So go on and take a peek at my Pinboard.

  1. I once had a separate Tumblr page which was an automated log of music and videos I favourited, which was pretty neat, but didn’t really go anywhere.