What I was up to

An overview of stuff I was working on or other stuff that kept me occupied in September 2022. Inspired by the movement of /now pages.

After spending the last few months at my in-laws to sit out the heatwave, swim regularly, and unwind a bit, we’ve finally arrived in Portugal (as mentioned in April). We also spent another few days in Alsace in France, visiting places like Colmar (one of the nicest areas in my opinion).


At Boords, we’re still working on a feature that’s been requested a lot over the last few years. Work on it has slowed down a bit because of a team member’s parental leave, but we hope to have more news soon.

Sound Design

This month I’ve been focusing mostly on the non-creative side of the profession, the professional side, I guess. Part of that was figuring out how to present myself on this website, because until recently it’s been almost exclusively focused on my life as a web developer. That said, I didn’t really want to completely throw all of that stuff away either. The internet has enough dead links on it and I like the idea of getting a nicer, more personal vibe off a website than exclusively “this is who I am and what I do”. Doing that without muddling the message is a tricky problem, but I think I’ve done a decent job for now. I’ve moved some content around, added a slightly updated reel to my front page, and expanded my about page to also contain paragraphs and skills relevant to sound design. To make it all a bit manageable I’ve added a literal switch on the about page that filters non-relevant content based on what page you arrive from. Perhaps a bit overengineered, but it’s charming.

I also finally published my article Learning Sound Design, in which I share some of my experiences of the last year trying to learn the sound design profession.

The coming months I hope to spend time getting more practical experience with implementation in both Unreal and Unity + WWise.

Stuff I enjoyed recently

It’s absolutely lovely to see how many nice shows exist that fit the description “wholesome/whacky adventures in space”. It’s basically my favorite genre.

Star Trek’s Lower Decks and Strange New Worlds fall into that category somewhat, and they’re both very entertaining.

Then there’s Bee and Puppycat. I discovered the show in 2016, and then I already wrote about how lovely it was. It’s been a long ride for this little show in finding its way to Netflix with a new season after being more or less in limbo for years, but it finally arrived this month and I’m so happy it did, and that it’s so good. I really hope they get an opportunity to continue the story.

We’ve also been watching some Star Wars: Obi-Wan, which so far is very nice as well.

Finally — but not in space — there’s everybody’s favorite vampires in What We Do In The Shadows. It’s somehow odd to see we’re already in season 4 of the show, but it’s still going strong. It’s very nice.


We’re still enjoying The Jeeves Collection (Steven Fry’s reading of P.G. Wodehouse’s stories).