What I was up to

An overview of stuff I was working on or other stuff that kept me occupied in December 2022. Inspired by the movement of /now pages.

I’ve been rather quiet the last few months around here, as I’ve been enjoying a rather nomadic existence in Portugal after leaving the UK in 2022. We’ve been all over, from Porto down the coast to Lisbon, a few nights in the Algarve, and back up. We’ve seen many things, but the areas of Sintra and the town of Aveiro especially felt nice to us (So much Art Nouveau).

portugal sintra
Sintra — This place is amazing, and no picture I have does it justice.
portugal aveiro

We’ve been figuring out if settling in Portugal is an option for us. So far, we are not entirely convinced yet. This is an ongoing process. As I’m writing this I’m spending some more time with family for holidays and new years’, but the process will continue soon.

Unfortunately, I also managed to catch my first COVID-19 infection during the tail end of our visit thanks to some rather lax people. Thankfully, I feel like I’m back to normal health and energy levels now, but it took a while.

Sound Design

I published two new redesigns since last writing, one for a dark fantasy setting, with fun swirling and exploding magic, and the Neon powers from one of the inFAMOUS games.


At Boords, I’ve been working on one a massive improvement to one of our key features; It’s now possible for people to add up to 20 note fields to each frame in a storyboard and reorder them as they go. This took a while to get right from a UX and technical perspective.

Stuff I enjoyed recently

I’ll keep this short this time. We’ve been enjoying the tail-end of a rewatch of the show Community, finished the last season of Tuca & Bertie, and watched Star Trek: Prodigy (which is really nice).