What I was up to

An overview of stuff I was working on or other stuff that kept me occupied in July 2020. Inspired by the movement of /now pages.

July has been a weird month for me. I finished a long and complex project at work and realised I was having a burnout. I needed to stop what I was doing.

Originally we intended to take a much needed vacation in March (after a few months of crunch time for the project my wife was working on at the time), but then the pandemic hit, so our plans were foiled.

Anyway, I’m currently spending some time at my in-laws in sunny Schwarzwald, which is proving to be good for me.

In my spare time I’m reading more Discworld. The Last Continent is on my Kindle, and I’m listening to the audiobook of Soul Music with my wife.

I hope to return in full force in August.