What I was up to

An overview of stuff I was working on or other stuff that kept me occupied in December 2019. Inspired by the movement of /now pages.


Work wise, we’re working on tailoring our products better to some of the different use cases that people use Boords for.

I’ve been spending a lot of my spare time writing stories. Not saying I want to be a writer, but I just felt like working on that craft a bit. So far, it’s fun

I’ve also been working on a playlist generator for Spotify. Although Spotify’s curated playlists can be nice, I realised that sometimes my partner and I want to listen to something more familiar. We have a shared playlist, but we found the shuffle feature in that playlist to not always create a nice listening experience.

Inspired by radio formats, I made a small tool that creates a new playlist composed out of “clusters” of tracks fitting the same mood. Unlike shuffle functionality, it will often play a few tracks by the same artist in a row, more akin to playing an album for while. The tracks are picked from a couple of mood-specific playlists, which are mixed according to user preference (so for example, today I want a mix with 10% whacky, 40% upbeat, 50% relaxing).

A few months ago I also been assembled a small collection of pedals for my guitar playing. At the moment, I like to create soundscapes and similar sounds in my downtime.

Things I liked a lot recently:

Without elaborating too much, here’s a small list of shows and other entertainment I’ve been enjoying recently:

  • 📚 Terry Pratchett’s
  • 📺 The Dragon Prince
  • 📺 Bojack Horseman
  • 🕹 The Outer Worlds