Since I work on my work’s laptop for most of the day, I don’t really have access to my personal music library. I never bothered copying my stuff over, because (like with a lot of other things nowadays) most music you’d ever want to listen to is available through services like Spotify, instantly. There’s something special about those songs that are not on there though:

I recently started properly listening to Led Zeppelin and a couple of days ago I had the “problem” that I had the amazing Black Dog riff in my head for most of the day, but I couldn’t listen to it because – like many other classic rock bands – Led Zeppelin is not available on Spotify. So I had to wait until I was home until I could finally listen to it.

That is kind of a unique thing nowadays where we’re in a world full of instant gratification. It makes those not-so-instant things feel more special, I think.

Granted, I could have probably found a Youtube video somewhere that isn’t unavailable because of the GEMA, but I really didn’t think about it. It also makes for a nicer story.